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Best B2B Data Provider 2023 – Leadschilly Vs. LeadGenius

The B2B data provider landscape is constantly changing. In 2023, there will be two major providers: Leadschilly and LeadGenius. While they both offer similar products and services, they have different strengths that make them perfect for different types of businesses. In this blog post, we will explore the two providers in detail and see which one is the best for your business. We’ll cover topics such as pricing, features, customer service, and more. By the end of this post, you’ll know which provider is the right fit for your business needs.

What is a B2B Data Provider?

A B2B data provider is a company that specializes in providing business contact and demographic information. This information is used by businesses to create targeted marketing lists, sales leads, and other lists of potential customers.

There are many different types of B2B data providers, but the two most common are lead generation companies and list brokers. Lead generation companies collect and sell business contact information, while list brokers simply buy and resell pre-existing lists of business contacts.

The best B2B data providers will have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. They should also be able to provide you with a variety of different list options to choose from, depending on your needs.

LeadsChilly and LeadGenius are two of the best B2B data providers in the industry. Both companies have access to millions of high-quality business contacts, and can help you create targeted marketing lists that will get results.

The Different Types of B2B Data Providers

B2B data providers can be classified into four main categories:

  1. Business intelligence (BI) providers: These firms offer tools and services that help organizations make better decisions by providing access to data and analytics.
  2. Lead generation providers: These companies help organizations generate leads for their sales and marketing teams.
  3. Customer relationship management (CRM) providers: These vendors provide software and services that help organizations manage their customer relationships.
  4. Marketing automation providers: These vendors offer tools and services that help organizations automate their marketing activities.

Pros and Cons of Leadschilly and LeadGenius


LeadsChilly is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily find leads for your business. It has a simple search interface that lets you specify the type of lead you’re looking for, and then provides you with a list of potential leads.

LeadsChilly also allows you to save your searches, so that you can come back to them later and see what new leads have been added. This is a great feature if you’re looking for leads in a specific industry or location.


LeadGenius is a tool that helps you find and connect with potential customers. It has a database of over 100 million companies, so you’re sure to find leads that are relevant to your business.

LeadGenius also provides more information about each lead than LeadsChilly, including contact information, company size, and website URL. This makes it easier to determine if a lead is worth pursuing.

The downside of LeadGenius is that it can be more expensive than other tools, depending on the plan you choose. Additionally, some users have reported issues

What Services do Leadschilly and LeadGenius Offer?
  • Leadchilly and LeadGenius offer a variety of services to help businesses with their data needs. Both companies offer lead generation, data cleansing, and data enrichment services.
  • Leadchilly offers a few additional services that LeadGenius does not, such as custom lists and email append. Leadchilly also offers a higher level of customer support, with 24/7 live chat and email support.
  • LeadGenius has a few unique features that Leadchilly does not, such as the ability to target specific industries and job titles. LeadGenius also offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of your leads.
How to Choose the Right B2B Data Provider for Your Business

There are a few key things to consider when choosing a B2B data provider for your business. First, you’ll want to consider the quality of the data. How accurate is it? How recent is it? How complete is the information?

Second, you’ll want to consider the price. Some providers charge more for their data than others. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good value for your money.

Third, you’ll want to consider the customer service and support. Does the provider offer good customer service? Are they responsive to questions and concerns? Do they have a good reputation?

Finally, you’ll want to consider the data itself. What kind of data does the provider offer? Is it the kind of data you need for your business? Is it easy to use and understand?

By considering these factors, you can narrow down your choices and find the best B2B data provider for your business.

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Why LeadsChilly is better than LeadsGenius

LeadsChilly is a better choice for a B2B data provider than LeadGenius for several reasons.

First, LeadsChilly offers more comprehensive and accurate data. Their data includes not only contact information but also information on demographics, firmographics, technographics, and behaviors. This allows you to create targeted lists of leads that are more likely to convert.

Second, LeadsChilly provides real-time updates on your leads so you can always be sure you’re reaching out to the most up-to-date contact. With LeadGenius, you run the risk of contacting someone who has already moved on to a new company or position.

Third, LeadsChilly’s team is more responsive and easy to work with. They are quick to answer any questions you have and help you troubleshoot any issues that come up. LeadGenius’ customer service is not as responsive, which can lead to frustration when trying to get help with your account.

Overall, LeadsChilly is the better choice for a B2B data provider. They offer more accurate and comprehensive data, real-time updates, and responsive customer service.


In conclusion, Leadchilly is the best B2B data provider in 2023. They have an extensive database with accurate and up-to-date information on businesses across the globe. Additionally, they offer a wide range of services such as lead generation, market research, and email marketing. Their team of experts are always available to help you maximize your return on investment.

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