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Email Campaign Software-10 Tips for Email Marketing Campaign




Email campaign software or email marketing tools holds an immense opportunity to build relationships and derive sales from your target audience as it will automate and manage your entire campaign.

Email Marketing Campaigns in India is a more powerful marketing tool to increase customer and get their response through email marketing manager or email campaign software by using email campaign tools.



It is estimated that there are currently 4.3 billion daily email users globally and that this amount is expected to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. Therefore it makes perfect sense to include email campaigns into your marketing mix.


It is important to note, however so many people use email. It is associate with a very competitive space and standing out or getting your messages read is very difficult.



This means that you need to think very carefully and plan accordingly before you launch into communication mode with your audience, as it is likely that you will only get one chance to make an impression and influence their motivations.


For this reason, this article identifies and briefly unpacks 10 best practice tips that will help you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns through email campaign software, email marketing manager or any other marketing tools of email.




1. Use a built list and clean it often



In the modern world, data privacy laws are becoming an increasingly vital aspect of marketing propositions online. And governments are placing ever greater emphasis on businesses to ensure that they are not in breach of these laws.



For this reason, purchasing online databases for use in email campaigns is becoming increasingly risky, as it is unlikely that they have secured the required opt-in from the individuals, and therefore places you in breach of data privacy legislation.



It is therefore better to build your list, with the required permissions, and to update and clean the list often.



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2. Send it from a real person



An email address such as carries with it the perception of it being a broadcast message and therefore reduces the likelihood of your audience opening it to read your proposal.


A name in the sender’s email address, such as, on the other hand, implies a real person and hints at the effort behind the creation of the email and as such, drastically increases the likelihood that your audience will open the email.



3. Remove clutter



Keep your communication clear, simple, and concise. Limit typeface usage to three at maximum, as this will aid in the communication carrying a premium feel, while simultaneously decluttering the appearance.


The average individual is expose to thousands of marketing messages daily, and the sheer volume of messages leads to a cluttering effect in the mind of the individual.


Keeping your communication simple and clean will mitigate against it being relegated to the noise of the environment.





4. Accurately personalize



In his book ‘how to win friends and influence people Dale Carnegie talks about how the sound of a person’s name is like honey to their ears. The same applies to email.


Having accurate data available affords you the ability to personalize your communication in a way that allows you to take advantage of Dale Carnegie’s observation.


An email addressed to a person, using their name is one of the most powerful motivators to ensure your communication is read.


However, if you get it wrong, if you use the wrong name or spell the name incorrectly, you will be unlikely to get another chance with the same individual. So, be sure to get it right the first time.



5. Template size matters



The standard email format is generally 650 pixels wide. Sticking within this size limit will ensure that your audience will not need to horizontally scroll to see your communication.


Horizontal scrolling will drastically decrease your conversion rate as this is a major pain point for the target audience.


The standard format will increase readability, lead to better conversion rates and ensure the optimal experience for the reader.




6. Run split tests



While it is recommended that you take the time to craft your message as much as possible. You will never know what works and what  doesn’t until you go live with the campaign.


In this way, running an A/B test. Where you have different variations of the content and send them to different segments of the audience. It’s a powerful way of iterating toward success.


You can A/B test aspects like your call to action (different CTA’s or even different colors of the CTA) and subject lines.


By iterating and running tests, you are proactive in the success of your campaign. And actively engaging with the needs, wants, desires, and motivations of your audience.



7. Craft your subject lines



The modern environment is characterized by what is known as information overload. And communication receivers spend a fraction of a second deciding whether to open your email or not. The main decider here is the subject line.


Therefore it’s imperative to ensure that you craft this to perfection. Let the audience know exactly what your email is about and what value they will get from opening it.



8. Implement auto-responders



Autoresponders are a great way to ensure a quick turnaround. Between the time a prospect engages with your content and the time of your next communication with them.


They remind the prospect that they have opted in to receive your communication. Also, should contain new and valuable content that helps to build your proposition and lead the prospect further down the funnel.


Autoresponders should schedule at specific time intervals, such as one day, three days, five days, and ten days.



9. Create visual synergy between touchpoints



It is vitally important to create synergy across brand and communication touchpoints. In this way, the email template design should correspond to your website’s visual language. Also, your in-store experience, and other advertising collateral.


This will create familiarity within the target audience and deliver a strong identity for your brand. Across the touchpoints once the prospect moves deeper through your funnel.



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10. Land your proposition above the fold



Lastly, it is extremely important to land your core message/proposition and your call to action above what is calls the fold. The fold is the space of the screen that you can see before you have to scroll down.


Landing your main message and request of your audience above the fold will keep your communication short and increase the likelihood that your message is read, dramatically.






There is no doubt that email marketing holds an immense opportunity to build relationships. And derive sales from your target audience. However, due to the competitiveness of the space, and standing out is of utmost importance.



From this perspective, an email campaign manager or email campaign software will help ensure that you create the best possible experience for your audience. And the greatest results for your business, as it will automate and manage your entire campaign and provide valuable metrics and feedback.



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