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10 Step To Write Best Sales Email For Sales Introduction

10 Step To Write Best Sales Email For Sales Introduction

best sales emails

The average conversion rate for cold emails is 15.11% with 10.29% click-through rate!

But to make the most of your email marketing efforts, writing the best sales emails that doesn’t sound intrusive and pushy is the most crucial, and first step.

In this article, we will teach you how to write a great sales introduction email that people would want to open, read and respond to in 10 simple steps.

Step-1: What is the one thing that you want to sell?

Knowing what products in your catalog need to target a particular customer persona is important so that your sales email is relevant to the potential customers your sales lead generation tool has captured.

sales lead generation tool

Use Jobs to be done framework and answer – what job does your product or service really help the potential customer accomplish? Or, what is the positive end-state of your customer when they use your product or service?

You need to gain clarity on this picture as a part of your overall sales lead program, so that you can draft this same message across the email body and other email marketing collaterals.

Step-2: Decide an offer for your sales lead program

Pushing too much on how your product is the best in the world and adding a simple ‘purchase me’ button is not going to work. You will have to entice your potential sales lead to speak with your sales team or try your product. To ensure you write the best sales email for closure, you can use an exclusive ‘offer’ that you can use towards the end of the email body. Some examples of such offers can include:
– Free 15-45 mins consultation
– Free demo walkthrough
– Credits for your product usage
– Exclusive or limited time discount offer

You can also get creative as per your product or service or use themes as per festivals, occasions, etc.

Step-3: Write a good email subject line

sales introduction email

Your email subject line is the most important aspect of the whole sales introduction email writing process. Before your customer decides to click the email to open it, their email service provider (gmail. Yahoo, hey, etc) will decide if your sales email should reach their inbox or not.

Here are some best practices to write a good email subject line:

– Do not use any word that is related to sales or is spammy – like offe’, discount, sale, complimentary, exciting, reminder, etc.
– Conduct A/B test with different sales introduction email subject lines and gauge the open rates. Use the subject line with maximum open rate for the rest of your email marketing
– You can use various email headline analyzer tools available who help draft a best sales email subject line

Step-4: Write a captivating opening line

Sales introduction emails should not start with formal introductions that you learn in school. Instead, you can emphasize the problem your product or services aims to solve for the target customer as found in Step-1. Ensure your statement is empathetic and strikes a conversation to make the email sound as if a human is reaching out for help. Some starting phrases that could be used include:

– “I saw your tweet on the difficulty you are facing….”
– “We checked your website, and we have a couple of suggestions…”
– “Thanks for attending the ‘xyz’ conference. I observed you asked the question to the panelists regarding….”

Step-5: Explain how your product/service solves their problem in your sales introduction email body

best sales email body

Now that you have introduced the problem and struck a camaraderie with the lead prospect in the opening line, it’s time to solve their problem in the email body. For writing the best sales email body, you must state why your product or service is a perfect solution to solve the issue they face and how it is able to help them achieve a state of success.

Here are some best practices on writing a sales introduction email body:

– Clearly articulate in 1-3 medium length lines about what you product does
– Add numbers – like % increase in efficiency, % decrease in costs, how many hours saved, etc to emphasize on value provided by you
– Keep the body short and crisp – longer emails get skipped
– Focus on 3 main benefits your product has that helps them tackle the problem they are facing

Step-6: Share the offer from Step-2

Clearly articulate the offer you designed in Step-2 and place it prominently after the sales introduction email body. The offer should be mentioned in 1-2 lines only and needs to form a continuation of the body content.

Step-7: Add your email call to action

Best sales email

Below this offer statement in your sales email, add an actionable call-to-action. A call-to-action is a button or a highlight that contains the statement that leads the person to sign-up for your website or join/avail your product offering. Some examples could be:

– Grab 10% off today
– Book a demo
– Get free credits

Step-8: Offer to solve doubts or concerns

Striking a conversation by making your lead reply is a great way to ensure you improve your email deliverability rate to their inbox. Hence, end the sales introduction email with how your team is available to solve any doubts or concerns they might have regarding the product information or the offer shared. Some example statements you could use:

– Feel free to reply with any concerns…
– Our team is available to assist you…
– Let me know if this is a priority for you at the moment…


Step-9: Add an email signature

Best sales email will always have an email signature that has sufficient information about the sender. Ensure your email signature is not too fancy and does the job without grabbing too much attention away from the rest of the sales email.

Here are some best practices for email signatures:

– Add the professional profile links of the sender
– Add an unsubscribe button in case if the lead wishes to opt out
– Include contact details like phone number and email

Step-10: Avoid these sales email mistakes

Everyone thinks they have written the best sales email unless you spot these frequently occurring mistakes that you must avoid:

– Avoid adding more than 1 call-to-actions
– Do not overdo with the writing – stick to 100-200 worded sales introduction email
– Do not use photos or slogans in your email signature
– Use a P.S line to add any relevant case study links or webinar material linked to the email body – but do not overdo it
– Ensure all links attached are working and not broken

Post drafting your sales email, you might want to start with your sales lead generation and email prospecting efforts to kickstart your sales lead program. At Leadschilly, we help you target the right customer and run email marketing campaigns via our all-round sales leads tool. Learn how to design a effective email campaigns using our online sales tool- book a demo (//add link)

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