How To Generate B2B Leads Using Social Media

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How To Generate B2B Leads Using Social Media

How to generate B2B leads using social media

Many assume that social media is great for B2C businesses. But smart marketers understand how social media plays a crucial role in B2B marketing as well. A professional B2B marketer will successfully find a delicate balance between engaging audiences with their B2B products without sounding too enterprise-like.

One of the most effective social media platforms for B2B lead generation is LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


If you are a B2B business or marketer, this article presents you with tactics for sales lead generation and marketing tools for lead generation.

Process of generating B2B contacts using social media

B2B Sales lead generation using social media involves the following activities that need to be undertaken:

  • Building a brand awareness
  • Designing and executing paid lead generation campaigns
  • Share testimonials
  • Build email list funnel

Let’s explore various tactics one can apply across each of these activities.

Build a strong B2B brand presence

Build a strong B2B brand presence

Social media is a great marketing tool for lead generation and establishing a brand presence. For this, you need to decide what your brand is known for and how it will interact with its followers.

Here are some tips for establishing a brand identity on social media for sales lead generation:

  • Optimize your profile: Learn the best practices of profile optimization on various social media platforms. Some common hacks include ensuring keywords in the profile bio, customizing the URL (for LinkedIn), adding relevant contact information, links in the bio, etc.
  • Utilize ‘Call-To-Action’ buttons: Almost all social business profiles provide CTA options. Use this to direct the profile visitors to your conversion landing page.
  • Develop a brand kit: Have a brand kit ready with color palettes, tone, font sizes, audience persona, etc. Use this brand kit for making social media creatives.
  • Set up Quick replies: Social media platforms like Instagram allow quick replies. It’s known that leads tend to convert 9X when follow-up is done within 5 mins.

Building a brand identity helps you streamline your appearance and tone that, if maintained consistently, will improve brand recall.

Run lead generation paid campaigns on social media

Run lead generation paid campaigns on social media

Social media platforms allow B2B paid marketing via their ad offering. You can pinpoint ads to your target audience within the social media’s ecosystem and convert them for sales.

A typical B2B lead generation campaign on social media includes the following aspects:

  • Giveaways: An organic way to generate B2B leads is to run exciting giveaways of your product or anything relevant to the followers. You can make them conduct actions like following the social page, signing up for your product, inviting others, referrals etc.
  • Run brand awareness ad campaigns: Got a social media post that got many likes? Boost its engagement with paid ads that help it reach more audiences. This helps gain followers
  • Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with influencers or micro-influencers on your social platform of choice. Design a B2B lead generation campaign where all influencers run the same offer for maximum exposure and recall.
  • Retargeting ads: This feature helps you showcase personalized ads to potential leads yet to convert. It helps improve your conversion rate.

You can use LeadsChilly to help you find relevant influencers and potential social media audiences to help with running paid marketing campaigns.

Here’s an example of how you can extract emails as B2B contacts from LinkedIn. You can feed these contacts to design targeted email marketing campaigns for conversions. You can even automate sending LinkedIn connection requests and quick replies.

LeadsChilly’s LinkedIn email extraction tool

Share customer reviews and testimonials

Today’s consumers are actively voicing their opinions of liking or disliking brands and their products. If you receive positive feedback or posts, do highlight them on your website. This helps generate trust and strengthen your brand recognition among social media channels.

Here are some ways to use social media posts created by your followers or customers to your brand’s benefit:

  • Embed testimonials on the website: Someone recommended your product on Twitter? Grab the embed link of that tweet and share it on your website’s landing page.
  • Create and share content: Share the feedback, testimonials and reviews shared by your customers as posts on all your social media pages.
  • Create notifications: Use LeadsChilly’s social proof feature to customize social notifications. This helps improve engagement and conversions on your website.
LeadsChilly’s Social Proof Widget

Grow your email list using the social media funnel

Grow your email list using the social media funnel

One of the best ways to safeguard your followership on social media is to convert them into newsletter subscribers. This helps you de-risk platform dependence so that you do not lose your hard work in the event of your account getting removed or hacked.

Here’s how you can set up a lead generation funnel for building your email list:

  • Use ‘Live’ features: You can host Twitter Spaces, Instagram Live, LinkedIn Live or Facebook events for real-time engagement. The benefit of doing this is that you can prompt your viewers to sign up for email lists during these sessions.
  • Promote ‘Gated’ Content: Write detailed guides, eBooks or checklists that your target audience would like to get their hands on. Share posts promoting to get them on ‘link in bio’ for organic conversions. You can also run paid ads designed for sales lead generation for sharing this gated content.
  • Leverage ‘Groups’: Almost every social media has a ‘community’ or ‘groups’ feature. You can join such groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc where you can prompt them to join our mailing list. Make sure you provide value in your posts.
  • Share content from newsletters as social media posts: Let your followers know the value your newsletter brings instantaneously before they give their email address. You can share the content from your newsletters as it is in the form of social media posts. Then, prompt the viewers/followers to sign up for newsletters to receive updates in captions.

Once you gather the B2B leads in the form of email subscribers, you can feed them into LeadsChilly’s CRM to further nurture them with email marketing campaigns. Our tools help you segment and send targeted emails to boost conversion rates.

LeadsChilly’s email campaigns dashboard

Get started with B2B sales lead generation using social media

The possibilities are endless for social media. The more you leverage their inbuilt features for building your brand, the better your chances are for organic B2B contacts generation. Social media is equipped with powerful B2B lead generation tools in the form of an ads platform that finds and targets your potential customers among its sea of users.

Explore how LeadsChilly can help you leverage social media for your marketing needs. Signup for a Free Trial.