10 Free Ways on How to Find Someone’s Phone Number and Email Address


10 free ways on how to find someone's phone number and email address

how to find someones number

The fastest way to close sales or to get a job is to build a warm relationship with the highest decision maker. An easy way is to connect with CEOs and managers on professional networking platforms. But not everyone will accept your social media DMs. This is where knowing how to find someone’s phone number or how to find email addresses will help. It gives you the necessary access to the person, without being too intrusive.

It’s more civilized and professional to approach your potential customer or job via cold emails or messages. You can manually start a conversation by learning cold email best practices. Or, one can design drip email campaigns and schedule follow-ups to build more trust.

But how to find out someone’s phone number and email address? In this article, we will look at 10 free tools and hacks that will help you find anyone’s email address and phone numbers.


1. Use Leadschilly Email Hunter tool

Email Hunting tool

LeadsChilly can help you find anyone’s email address and phone number across the internet using its email extractor tool. It’s designed for B2B lead generation, prospecting and cold emailing. But you can easily extend this powerful tool for personal use like a job search.


Leadschilly also offers you more features for creating customer profiles and running email marketing campaigns. You can also download the captured data as excel to help you scale your cold emailing efforts.


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2. How to get someone’s phone number using B2B websites or communities

There are various B2B marketplaces, communities or review based sites like Capterra, G2, Clutch, etc where many B2B companies create their profile to showcase their products and services.

Generally, these profiles are listed by the concerned team members across marketing or business development, where they do end up sharing their contact information. Hence, you can check the profiles of the lister of the company to get in touch. Else, you can also save time by using Leadschilly’s email extractor tool that scrapes through these B2B websites and social media to extract contact information.

3. How to find out someone’s phone number via the company’s website

find someone’s phone number

One of the obvious ways to find someone’s phone number is to check out the company’s website that you are trying to target. You can specifically check the ‘contact sales’ in case of lead generation motive or ‘careers’ page in case of job search to find relevant email addresses or contact information.


On the ‘About Us’ page, you may also find the ‘team’ section where you’ll find names of executives. Simply enter these names into Leadschilly’s email finder tool to get their email addresses and phone numbers.

4. How to find someone's email address via personal websites and blogs

how to find email addresses

One indeed feels protective about sharing contact information across social channels. But many influencers, bloggers and professionals do engage in having their own personal website or blog, where they end up mentioning their contact information.


To know how to get someone’s email address or phone numbers, these personal websites tend to be more reliable than company ones.

5. How to guess email address using trial and error

This method works well when you’re trying to find the official email address of someone working in a company, and you know their name. Most official emails tend to be simple with typical combinations as follows:

– First name only: abc@leadschilly.com
– First name + last name: abc.def@leadschilly.com or abcdef@leadschilly.com
– First name + first letter of last name: abc.d@leadschilly.com or abcd@leadschilly.com
– Only initials of first + last name: ad@leadschilly.com

You could also use freely available email permutation tools that would help you find more such combinations to help you find someone’s email address. At Leadschilly, our email hunter tool helps you remove this guesswork and find the accurate contact information.

6. Subscribe to the target’s newsletter

Another free way on how to find someone’s email address or phone number is to sneak into their newsletter. Most newsletters do not tend to be no-reply, hence high chances you might discover their most active email address as a result.


You can simply comment on their latest issue by replying to the newsletter notification email and strike a cold conversation.

7. How to get someone’s phone number using LinkedIn

This trick works only when the person has chosen to make their phone number and email address public. Although LinkedIn’s free version may come with its limitation, in some cases if you’d like to find someone’s phone number and email address, taking up a LinkedIn premium profile or LinkedIn Sales Navigator will allow you to send ‘InMails’ and search better. But the InMails feature is limited to sending emails and doesn’t include phone numbers.

Before deciding to spend on LinkedIn premium, you might want to check our lead generation tools at Leadschilly for finding contact information via domain ownership, social media, websites, etc. Integrate Leadschilly LI prospecting Tool

8. How to find someone's email address using Twitter advanced options

Twitter is a great platform where conversations can lead to funding, collaborations, acquisitions and jobs. Twitter has a very powerful advanced search feature that you can use to search a user’s tweets and replies based on keywords.

Simply add keyword as email and add the person’s username, and Twitter will do it’s magic:

Step-1: Go to advanced search option

Go to advanced search option

Step-2: add ‘email’ as keyword

add ‘email’ as keyword

Step-3: Add username of the target

Add username of the target



Or you can also use this command on search option:

search option

Else, you can also google search by adding twitter as a variable to enhance your search as follows:

twitter.com/username + “keyword”

9. Use company’s support chat

This is a manual method, but generally companies are very humble when you use their support chatbot and ask to get connected to a certain employee, provided you have valid reasons. Obtaining email of leadership or higher management could be a bit difficult, so do your prior research of someone in middle management or junior managers to enter their email ecosystem first.

10. Approach via press, media or brand kit section

Approach via press, media or brand kit section

Some brands tend to have a dedicated section for press and media professionals to approach and download brand kits. With this, you can get direct access to someone influential in the marketing department with a better response rate.

Does this seem like a lot of work?

At Leadschilly, we are making it easy to find phone numbers and email leads for your business development, job search, outreach, etc.

Not just for search, but we have created an all-in-one lead generation tool to take care of your lead prospecting, data enrichment and email marketing requirements.

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